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The key launches at a glance

Out of Home media 2017-2

NEW Digital dominance in the Lausanne Métro
The digital range at the busiest stations of the Lausanne Metro will be significantly increased. In total 2 City eBoards, 12 City ePanels, 5 Rail ePanels and 12 Escalator ePanels will be available in the M2. This coverage provides a conspicuous digital advertising presence in the city of Lausanne. Some of the new advertising media will be integrated into the rail networks. However, the majority can also be individually booked. Fantastic MegaPoster locations and promotional spaces round off the 360° out of home advertising options. More


NEW Optimized network in the City of Geneva
The "City F200 Genève" and "City F12 Genève" networks have been optimized with new locations, guaranteeing comprehensive coverage of the whole city. Both networks remain part of the national "City F200 Big9" and "City F12 Big9" range.
"Citystar F200L Genève" has been replaced with the new "Citystar F200L Couronne Genève" network which covers the municipalities immediately adjoining the city of Geneva. Following on from this, the national "CitystarF200L Big9" has also been adjusted to "CitystarF200L Big8". For the local market, a new F4 network has been launched which covers the entire city and immediately adjoining municipalities. More


NEW Rail eBoard in Bellinzona
The digital era has dawned in Ticino, where a new 98 inch Rail eBoard has been installed in the comprehensively modernized Bellinzona station. Bellinzona station is considered the "gateway to Ticino". The "AlpTransit" construction project, which promises a huge increase in visitors, will in future make Ticino even more attractive for out of home campaigns. More


NEW City ePanels in Basel
From CW31/2017, 2 new City ePanels will be added to the range in Basel. The new advertising media perfectly enhance and accompany the existing Rail ePanel network in Basel. More


NEW Expansion of Rail ePanel range in Biel/Bienne and Lucerne
From CW30/2017, 2 new Rail ePanels will be operational at Biel/Bienne station. They are the ideal accompaniment to the City ePanels which were installed in Biel/Bienne in the summer of 2016. Another highlight of the expansion of the digital range is the addition of two Rail ePanels in the shopping area of Lucerne station at the new meeting point. More


NEW "Double Impact" with "Premium" range and expanded services
"Double Impact" combines out of home campaigns with mobile advertising precisely timed and targeted. The new "Premium" range gives branding campaigns wide coverage on various well-known apps on the Swiss mobile landscape (such as, Shazam, Spotify, etc.). The tried-and-tested "Reach" range still comprises various apps from the longtail field. Both ranges now offer more detailed reporting. And, thanks to more flexible booking and improving optimization options during current campaigns, it is possible to respond in a more targeted way to customer needs. More


Still in the range

Escalator ePanels at Zurich main station
A total of 64 new full HD 32 inch screens have been assembled along five busy escalators in the middle of Zurich main station.
The Escalator ePanels offer practically endless creative design possibilities and create new scope for extraordinary advertising effects. Sets of four related ePanels with dynamic image flow technology accompany passengers up and down the escalators, conveying a message across all the screens. As well as animations, they are also suitable for still images. They can also be combined with Rail or City ePanels. More



APG|SGA Pocket Planner

You can find more information on out of home media in the pocket planner – links to media research and our offerings plus services and advice relating to poster production. You can download this handy reference guide free of charge in PDF format. More