What people watch: APG|SGA launches ChannelOOH!

Oct. 5, 2020

Switzerland’s leader in outdoor advertising has launched “ChannelOOH!”, a new medium for moving image communication which is specifically intended for the advertising-relevant 15-to-49 target group. APG|SGA’s ChannelOOH! offers advertisers an affordable option for precise, high-impact advertising to an age group that is attractive yet increasingly difficult to reach. All digital ePanels and eBoards in railway stations and city centre locations can be programmed to display your message during precisely defined timeframes. ChannelOOH! is available to book nationally or by language region from 5 October 2020. 

The new ChannelOOH! brand and its claim “what people watch” demonstrate the strength of APG|SGA’s nationwide digital range. A new network product was specially conceived for ChannelOOH! It offers a high-performance solution as an alternative to other media channels which are losing significance and reach due to changing product portfolios and media consumption patterns. These trends are especially pronounced in the 15-to-49 age group, and it is precisely this young, mobile target group that ChannelOOH! reaches. 

Advertising customers benefit from concentrated plays in defined timeframes during which research shows that the 15-to-49 age group tends to be “out of home”. For a seven-day campaign, for example, this would result in a nationwide reach of 60%, rising to more than 65% in German-speaking Switzerland.


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