APG|SGA merges digital growth areas: Michael Pevec is new Head of Programmatic DOOH and Mobile Advertising including aymo

April 7, 2021

The Swiss market leader in analogue and digital out of home advertising is merging its Programmatic DOOH and Mobile Advertising divisions, which includes the aymo product range, to optimise development of these two growth areas. In doing so, APG|SGA aims to generate synergies for advertising clients in terms of tailored targeting solutions, technical platforms and data.

The current Head of Programmatic DOOH, Michael Pevec, is taking on additional responsibility for APG|SGA’s Mobile Advertising division. Since 1 April 2021 he has been leading its ten-strong team of specialists, with the Programmatic DOOH Sales side set for further expansion. He will report directly to Beat Holenstein, Head of Marketing & Innovation. Former Head of the Mobile Advertising Unit, Raphael Bratschi, has left the business of his own accord to seek new challenges away from the outdoor advertising sector.

In 2018, APG|SGA launched aymo, the most precise mobile targeting in Switzerland. Since then, the Mobile Advertising division and aymo products have become firmly established in the market and are experiencing steady growth. Programmatic DOOH was successfully introduced last year. APG|SGA now offers more than 500 large-format digital screens (eBoards and ePanels) in prime locations for programmatic booking. VIOOH is used for the supply side platform. Well over 30 campaigns have run in recent months and weeks. Agents and clients alike are impressed by the options for precisely defining the time and place of transmission for the desired target group, and have used them to the full.

In refocusing and reinforcing the two business divisions, APG|SGA decided to make the most of the evident synergies in terms of targeting, technical platforms – such as SSP and DSP – and data. Therefore the Programmatic DOOH and Mobile Advertising Units have also been brought under one roof, headed up by Michael Pevec, within the Marketing & Innovation division of APG|SGA. All employees have been retained. The process of recruiting specialist Programmatic DOOH sales staff is underway.

A dedicated sales team reporting to Michael Pevec is carrying out market development, backed up by APG|SGA’s established sales network of more than 120 salespeople, which spans the whole of Switzerland. This ensures optimum, broad-based and targeted customer support.


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