Sustainability Report 2020

APG|SGA gets top score in CDP ranking, on course for 1.5°C future

April 30, 2021

The new APG|SGA Sustainability Report is out, with its sights firmly fixed on the 1.5°C future. Open, transparent reporting on sustainable services, measures and targets in every area of business is a fixed component of APG|SGA’s overall activities. And the current Sustainability Report 2020 gives readers the facts on all essential business processes, resource management and successfully implemented measures.

For over 15 years, APG|SGA has been reporting on its active commitment to the environment. The focus is currently on a sustainability strategy in line with the target of a 1.5°C future. APG|SGA is working toward the milestone of reducing directly influenceable emissions by 30% in absolute terms by 2023 (compared with 2017 figures), with the long-term target of net zero by 2035. The 2023 milestone for “scope 1 and 2”, which includes all emissions that APG|SGA can influence directly, calls for an annual reduction of about 420 t CO2eq compared with figures for 2017.

Markus Ehrle, CEO of APG|SGA, says: “APG|SGA is on a great trajectory and is underscoring its leadership role when it comes to transparency and environmental measures in the outdoor advertising industry. In addition, we want to make our mark in the economy of the future by anchoring corporate responsibility even more firmly within our company.” 

Social responsibility
Beyond this, APG|SGA is also committed to attractive, future-oriented jobs and fair framework conditions. On behalf of the federal authorities, the SGS (Sociéte Génerale de Surveillance SA) issued a Fair-ON-Pay+ certificate to APG|SGA, confirming that it had met all provisions for adherence to wage equality. APG|SGA also continues to live up to its external social responsibilities.

“In the area of purchasing, the company has long-term partnerships with social institutions, for example in the manufacturing of various advertising panel components,” says Alexandre Zimmermann, Head of Infrastructure at APG|SGA. 

Top score of A in CDP ranking
The CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) annual environmental disclosure and evaluation process is the gold standard for transparency in companies’ environmental efforts. In 2020, more than 9,600 companies reported climate-relevant data to the CDP. APG|SGA received the top score of A in this global climate protection rating (2019: A-, 2018: B) in a national and international comparison of the most prestigious listed companies.

Beat Hermann, CFO of APG|SGA, explains: “The top score of A shows that APG|SGA is on the right path in its commitment to the environment. Responsible use of resources and transparent reporting are key elements in our overall goal of being a role model in the environmental field.”


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