APG|SGA invests in a new dimension of data

MA Strategy with new figures for transport

June 3, 2021

WEMF’s MA Strategy identifies regular userships of advertising panels and is an important working tool for advertisers and agencies in determining an optimal media mix. Reflecting the major significance of public transport in our country, APG|SGA has invested in campaign planning for advertising panels on these transport vehicles. This allows customers throughout Switzerland to evaluate the reach of advertising panels on trains, buses and trams more precisely for various consumer target groups.

Switzerland boasts high mobility figures. In the densely populated areas in particular, a large number of people use various means of public transport for work, shopping and leisure. With the Federal Council’s latest moves to ease COVID-19 restrictions, mobility will in all likelihood return to pre-pandemic levels very quickly. Public transport users therefore represent an interesting target group for the advertising industry. In order to better accommodate this interest, APG|SGA has invested in a new dimension of data for independent, nationwide, cross-media analysis of public transport advertising. 

‘WEMF’s intermedia tool, MA Strategy, supports advertising companies and agencies in campaign planning and helps to evaluate media strategies. With the expansion of public transport, an important advertising medium is even better represented,’ says Dr. Jella Hoffmann, Executive Director of Research and Development at WEMF. ‘Advertisers and agencies can now evaluate the performance of transport advertising panels grouped by train/bus/tram, bus/tram or train for any consumer target group and area, and thus optimise their media strategy,’ explains Andreas Steltzlen, Head of Transport Advertising at APG|SGA. 

Data shows that transport advertising can achieve significant reach. In Switzerland, for example, 2.359 million people use public transport practically every day or several times a week, as shown by figures from MACH Consumer 2020. This is true in particular of high-consumption metropolitan areas, the broad mass of the working population and young people at the beginning of their professional careers. These optimal conditions mean transport advertising can contribute significantly to the achievement of various advertising and media goals.

With around 120 partners in public transport and more than 6,000 vehicles on offer, APG|SGA is Switzerland’s leader in transport advertising. It markets more than 100,000 analogue exterior and interior advertising spaces, and 1,300 digital TrafficMediaScreens. 


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