APG|SGA's «Nurture» support program bears first fruits

Sept. 28, 2021

The Zürich-based company bluu, with the innovative detergent of the same name, was the first startup to successfully implement the versatile support services together with the APG|SGA «Nurture-Team». With digital broadcasts on ePanels and eBoards, mobile advertising and promotion at Winterthur train station, bluu has benefited from a perfectly coordinated Out of Home campaign.

Since September 1, 2021, APG|SGA has been part of the «Nurture» support program, helping innovative startups to raise the awareness of their brands. This was also the goal with the mentoring of bluu.

bluu makes doing laundry more eco-friendly and practical: The sustainable washing strips are 20x lighter than conventional detergent and thus cause 95% less CO2 emissions during transport. The detergent is free from micro plastics, preservatives or bleachers and is absolutely biodegradable. Even the packaging is completely recyclable.

bluu used a regional outdoor advertising campaign to promote its product for one week on 8 Rail ePanels, 10 City ePanels and 5 Rail eBoards in Winterthur. Mobile advertising and an eye-catching sampling campaign at the train station ensured a finely tuned and high-impact orchestration of the outdoor advertising campaign and strong attention among commuters and passers-by.

The co-founders, Marko Vidmar (pictured left) and Roman Stämpfli (pictured right) say about APG|SGA-«Nurture»: «Through the combination of Digital Out of Home, mobile advertising and the sampling campaign, we were able to increase our brand awareness and distribute over 4,000 bluu wash strip samples to passers-by.» The co-founders are convinced that this campaign has created a positive customer experience and improved awareness, boosting new customer acquisition and sales on a long-term basis.


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