APG|SGA Sustainability Report 2021 paints a positive picture

May 4, 2022

The APG|SGA Sustainability Report 2021 contains detailed information on the status of measures and targets and presents the year’s developments in the context of its Corporate Responsibility strategy. The company is on course to meet its ambitious multi-year target of net zero emissions by 2035. The company will trial a future-proof photovoltaic system at its Zurich headquarters in line with the 1.5°C climate target.

APG|SGA’s conception of sustainability has developed over decades and is embedded in the core of the company, representing a fundamental component of its business activities. ‘As a sustainability pioneer in the outdoor advertising industry, we are voluntarily committed to high, science-based goals and correspondingly effective measures. In our annual Sustainability Report we offer transparent status updates on our progress and provide a forecast of targets. As a company with long-term orientation, we have set ourselves ambitious, multi-year targets. So last year I was particularly pleased that we were able to initiate two new forward-looking pilot projects in the areas of solar power and electromobility,’ says Beat Hermann, CFO of APG|SGA.  

Solar power for in-house infrastructure
With the installation of a photovoltaic system on the flat roof of its Zurich headquarters, APG|SGA is guaranteed around 45 kilowatt hours of solar power for its own usage from a planned solar panel measuring approximately 220m2. In the test phase it will be used to run the ventilation system and parts of the regular power supply, for example. The system will save more than seven tonnes of CO2 emissions per year. If successful, the pilot will be extended to other suitable branches. APG|SGA sees this generation of solar power as a further contribution to its net zero emissions by 2035 climate goal. 

Electromobility picks up speed
Since it began recording greenhouse gas emission figures in 2002, APG|SGA has seen a reduction in CO2 of around 48% in the area of transport. This success is due to the early switch from diesel to gas drive and economical engines, which bring continuous annual reductions in CO2 emissions. With over 180 green vehicles, APG|SGA has one of the largest gas-drive eco fleets in Switzerland. In 2021 it purchased further hybrid vehicles and its first electric vehicles. In a trial phase that will run until autumn 2022, the company will review the potential for a gradual expansion of electromobility.

Business commitment to the environment and the social sphere
APG|SGA aims to further expand its leadership in sustainability in the out of home advertising industry. The company acknowledges its overall responsibility toward the environment, employees, business partners and investors. And through poster sponsorship APG|SGA has provided support to non-profit, cultural and sporting organisations valued in the high eight figures; this includes its organisation of the Swiss Poster Awards alongside other creative competitions in the field of out of home media. 


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