Mobile advertising specifically for SMEs: APG|SGA adds two new products to its aymo portfolio

May 17, 2022

APG|SGA is expanding its mobile targeting solutions with aymo GeoTarget and aymo AudienceTarget. These two products meet the specific requirements of small and medium-sized companies (SMEs), allowing them to advertise as efficiently as possible in a defined catchment area, even with smaller budgets. The products make it possible to quickly and easily achieve a high level of awareness and reach among the relevant target groups. 

The new products will make it even easier, more cost-effective and quicker for SMEs to reach their target groups with mobile advertising campaigns. Using aymo GeoTarget’s radius search, the desired radius in kilometres is first determined for the visibility of banner adverts. Advertisers can strengthen their campaign by using aymo AudienceTarget to add their target group, thereby making the campaign more specific. There are 18 standard consumer groups to choose from – such as ‘adolescents’, ‘summer sports enthusiasts’, ‘professionals’ and more. The socio-demographic and geographic data is based on sources from geomarketing specialists such as afo solutions AG, swisstopo from the Federal Office of Topography and the expertise of APG|SGA. When combined, the two products create the right mobile campaign for any budget, in order to reach the relevant target audience in the advertiser’s catchment area.

Benefits of mobile advertising
Digital banners created by advertisers are displayed on a large number of selected mobile websites and apps that meet all ‘brand safety’ criteria. By using location-related GPS data points, advertising messages can be delivered to smartphones geographically and very specifically. This direct target group contact is anonymous and complies with data privacy laws. All aymo products are suitable for commercial, ideological and political campaigns – such as advertising local services, products and events and promoting regional issues.

No changes to tried and tested aymo products
The aymo location data technology developed by APG|SGA in 2018 relies on a data connection to 20 high-quality Swiss mobile apps. The various existing, tried and tested aymo mobile targeting solutions will remain part of the portfolio, of course, offering advertisers additional flexibility and performance for special projects. 

Mobile and Out of Home media are a perfect match
The location-specific placement of posters, screens and formats, such as transit advertising, improves the temporal and locational relevance of advertising messages on mobile devices. In addition, it significantly increases the advertising impact as a result of multiple contacts. APG|SGA has a portfolio of over 160,000 analogue and digital advertising spaces and special formats throughout Switzerland. 

More information
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Nadja Mühlemann
Head of PR / press office