The mountain is calling – advertising for the best

May 24, 2022

With numerous gold medals at the Olympic Games and many World Cup victories, the Swiss Ski nation had an impressive season. More than ever, mountains are associated with success, freedom, and feelings of happiness. Relevant advertising messages in this atmosphere reach the consumer-happy winter sports guests in a vacation mood and positively influence their purchase decision.

This unique atmosphere of the mountain world is ideal for successful Out of Home campaigns. The target audience is reached and caught on various advertising media in an emotional environment.

In cooperation with the market research institute «intervista», APG|SGA took a close look at Swiss mountain sports areas. Interesting and convincing findings were obtained regarding the perception of advertising forms in the mountains. The results show that advertising in the mountains not only receives above-average attention, but is also accepted and appreciated by the public.

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Nadja Mühlemann
Head of PR / press office