WOOHW! – a new joint award and event for the out of home advertising sector

July 8, 2022

The creative competition WOOHW! is being launched under the patronage of AWS, Switzerland’s out of home media association. This new national industry event will be held for the first time in autumn 2023, featuring seminars, an award ceremony and a large party.

The Swiss Poster Award organised by APG|SGA and the DOOH Award launched by Clear Channel Switzerland are to be integrated into a new competition. This will give the successful out of home advertising medium and the entire communication and creative industry a national platform and broad-based support, because Neo Advertising and Horizon will also be involved as equal partners.

In the coming weeks, AWS will work with the nominated chairman of the panel Christian Brändle (Director of the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich) to define the award categories and assemble a panel of distinguished experts. 

Markus Ehrle, CEO of APG|SGA and Chair of AWS, as well as Christoph Marty, CEO of Clear Channel Switzerland and Vice-Chair of AWS, are looking forward to implementing this event together with Christian Vaglio, CEO of Neo Advertising, and Etienne Reignoux, CEO of Horizon, in order to appropriately promote out of home media. The most important longstanding poster competition, the Swiss Poster Award, and the contemporary honour for the best digital poster campaigns, the DOOH Award, are therefore being combined to create ‘WOOHW!’, a new dynamic award and event. This award and the entire event are intended to express enthusiasm (WOW!) and reflect the appeal of the Out of Home (OOH) medium.

This initiative to create the new, joint WOOHW! platform highlights the significant and sustained importance of the poster – be it in traditional or digital form – in intermedia competition, while recognising the quality of design work, innovation and creativity, as well as the impact of out of home media.

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