APG|SGA will introduce a new price and conditions model as of 1st January 2023

Aug. 3, 2022

APG|SGA will introduce a modern and market-oriented pricing system as of 1st January 2023. In the area of analog advertising space, the price model will be significantly simplified. For Digital Out of Home, APG|SGA is consistently converting the model to fixed CPM (cost per mille). The discounts for analog and digital advertising spaces will be expanded with new and attractive options for advertisers.

The outdoor advertising market has developed strongly in recent years. The moving image market, which includes Digital Out of Home (DOOH), is growing rapidly. APG|SGA wants to offer its customers the most flexible solutions and has therefore revised and reassessed its partly historically grown price and conditions model for analog and digital advertising spaces. The result is a contemporary, comparable, and transparent price and discount model that is easy to understand and easier to plan for the advertising market. 

Classic posters
As of 2023, there will be only one price table with five fixed weekly prices for the F12, F200 and F24 formats in the communication spaces of streets and squares, railway stations and POI/POS. For this purpose, the entire APG|SGA advertising space inventory is reassessed and recalculated. The following factors play a role in the evaluation of each individual space: contacts according to SPR+, size, lighting, area, orientation and contact quality. The categories prime, 1, 2, 3 and 4 remain in place. 

Digital Out of Home
In order to be comparable in the moving image market, the performance of digital screens is now calculated on the basis of the price per thousand contacts (CPM). Three fixed CPMs will be applied: 

  • ePanels: CPM CHF 12.-
  • ePanel BrandingZone: CPM CHF 15.-
  • eBoard: CPM CHF 38.-

To determine the CPMs, the performance values according to SPR+ and criteria such as branding effect through exclusivity and effect through size and environment are taken into account.  

Beat Holenstein, Head of Marketing & Innovation, is convinced: "In direct comparison with our competitors and the other media, we have an extremely attractive CPM, which is also based on the toughest contact definition in the Swiss media landscape. Because: the SPR+ contact states that the advertisement has been effectively viewed by the human eye."

The "annual volume discount" (AVD) and "graduated campaign discount" (GCD) become even more attractive with additional levels and the integration of further communication spaces. The "Last Minute" discount can also be applied to digital campaigns from 2023. 

Andy Bürki, Head of Advertising Market, states: "For our advertisers, the new price and discount models are simpler and offer new advantages and attractive opportunities when the out-of-home budget is used correctly. Short-term decision-makers will be rewarded with a discount for digital bookings and advertisers who work intensively with us will benefit even more."

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