Growth is pre-programmed for TREE GUM

Nov. 8, 2022

The startup TREE GUM has the mission to launch a plastic-free, 100% natural, sustainable, and Swiss-made chewing gum. With programmatic advertising on APG|SGA's eBoards and ePanels, they have succeeded in targeting their offer at high-frequency commuter flows.

At the same time as the campaign, TREE GUM chewing gum was listed in all k-Kiosk stores. During peak hours, targeted online display & native ads as well as Programmatic Digital Out of Home (PDOOH) spots were placed around these stores. Potential new customers were thus made aware of the offer and encouraged to buy from the k-Kiosk.

«Thanks to the placements directly at the respective POS, we were able to reach the target group very precisely in an efficient way. The programmatic implementation of the campaign allowed us to make flexible adjustments and optimizations to the campaign at any time, which led to a felicitous implementation and a successful campaign», says Sam Lutz, founder of Drop8.

APG|SGA has over 500 screens at the best locations that can be booked programmatically. Focus your digital campaign even more precisely on your target group in terms of location and time.

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Nadja Mühlemann
Head of PR / press office