Global CDP ranking: APG|SGA rated A- for responsible, climate-friendly commitment

Dec. 13, 2022

APG|SGA demonstrates its continuous commitment to sustainability and has adopted an ambitious carbon reduction strategy. APG|SGA has been rated A- in the climate ranking by the global environmental organisation CDP for its strategy and implementation.

APG|SGA has been rated A- by the not-for-profit environmental organisation CDP for its efforts in relation to environmental transparency and climate protection. APG|SGA is therefore among the outstanding companies that play a pioneering international role in sustainability. This development reflects the consistent implementation of APG|SGA’s Corporate Social Responsibility strategy (CSR strategy) and constant reinforcement of its efforts.

Markus Ehrle, CEO APG|SGA, says: “We’ve been involved in CDP reporting since 2017 and openly inform our stakeholders about our CSR strategy. Our repeatedly good A- rating in the CDP ranking is both a confirmation and incentive for us. Confirmation that our actions for more sustainable OOH advertising are on the right track, and an incentive to continue this approach. This means that our extensive experience and networks support our commitment to vital sustainability measures, even in challenging times.”

Examples of APG|SGA’s climate-friendly commitment

  • APG|SGA has set itself ambitious climate protection targets. It aims to halve its net CO2 emissions by 2027 compared to 2017 and achieve a neutral carbon footprint by 2035.
  • APG|SGA is investing in a new photovoltaic system at its Zurich site, as well as the operation of electric commercial and company vehicles.
  • APG|SGA uses 100% “naturemade star” eco-energy from renewable sources. Improvements to its building technology and commitments to the value chain, as well as energy-saving product innovations, also help ensure that the company ison track to achieve its climate targets.

CDP raises the benchmark every year
Every year, CDP uses a comprehensive questionnaire to check whether companies are effectively helping to limit the global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius compared to pre-industrial levels. The disclosure and evaluation process of the non-profit organisation CDP is the gold standard for transparent environmental performance and corporate responsibility. CDP uses detailed, independent methodology to assess participating companies and rate these on a scale of A (best result) to D-. It considers criteria such as completeness of disclosure, the awareness and management of environmental risks and the implementation of best practices when it comes to environmental leadership, along with the setting of ambitious, meaningful and factual targets. The CDP questionnaire benchmark is developed and raised every year in order to ensure that even highly rated companies continue to improve.

Further information
CDP-Ranking 2022 www.cdp.net/en/search
You can find the assessment methodology and criteria on the CDP website at

The 2021 Sustainability Report and information about APG|SGA Corporate Responsibility strategy are available here


Nadja Mühlemann
Head of PR / press office