Electromobility picks up speed

In the transport sector, APG|SGA was able to reduce CO2 emissions by around half. This success is due to the early switch from diesel to gas propulsion and the continuous annual reduction of CO2 emissions through more economical engines. Consumption records for this began in 2002, and APG|SGA now has one of the largest gas-powered eco fleets in Switzerland, with over 180 «green» vehicles. This relatively high number of vehicles is due to the afficheurs who affix and maintain posters on site throughout Switzerland.

Since the beginning of 2022, APG|SGA has now opened the next chapter in environmentally conscious mobility. During a one-year test phase, the company's vehicles will be evaluated to determine whether, when, and how the existing fleet can be converted to hybrid or fully electric vehicles. For this purpose, charging stations have been installed at the sites in Zürich, Bern and at the logistics center in Wallisellen. APG|SGA has received e-cars for testing from partners and car manufacturers. The vehicles are available to all employees who are interested in the new drive technology. The demand is high and the opportunity is actively used.


The aim is to find out how practical all-electric vehicles (BEVs) are, for example. Of particular interest are the charging cycles, the kilometers driven and the range. But comfort and usage behavior are also important indicators. In this way, APG|SGA intends to better understand how existing and new drive technologies can be used most efficiently in the future.

Expectations are also high for e-utility vehicles, with the focus here on effectiveness and reliability. At the Münchenstein site, two e-utility vehicles have already been in full operation since 2017. The afficheurs use these every day in their work and are safe and, above all, sustainable on their tours in the Basel region. Further development of the concept for e-utility vehicles and an evaluation phase are planned for 2023 and 2024.