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Not only is the poster the oldest advertising medium, it is also one of the most efficient and successful of all forms of advertising in terms of attention and advertising impact. In the Best of Out of Home Media Performance collection, APG|SGA presents its extensive expertise amassed from many years of research based on actual campaigns.


Posters increase sales by 29.8%

The Win for Life instant ticket was launched in 2001 and has since become a successful long-seller through advertising. After three years without any advertising support, sales began to decline. Thanks to several high-impact Out of Home advertising campaigns using posters as the main medium in the largest cities of German-speaking Switzerland and in Ticino, the downward trend was halted, and sales improved considerably. 

The idea: To increase awareness and sales through a wide-reaching media strategy with posters in high-footfall areas where Swisslos sales outlets are also located.

  • The impact of the poster creates the basis for high visibility
  • The motif design conveys a feeling of happiness and arouses interest
  • Customers are activated by poster contacts close to the POS

The result: A long-term rise in sales of Win for Life instant tickets of 29.8%.

Best Practice Swisslos (Factsheet) (210.0 KB)


More Best Practice Cases

Effect on sales

Posters are key elements of an effective media mix. When posters are chosen as a part of advertising campaigns, they boost the sale of the advertised products and increase the return on invested advertising spend (ROI).



Effective advertising for promotions

The flexible broadcasts on City ePanels led to sales success for the SPAR special offers.

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Grischuna Web 2.jpg

Addressing target groups at the
point of sale

Switzerland's best known and loved meat snack is called "minipic" and is to be stimulated through target group-appropriate advertising at point-of-sale. The use of APG|SGA Shopping ePanels hit the goal evidently. Multi-person households and regular consumers of meat snacks had better perception of the digital campaign. 

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Strong sales thanks to targeted Out of Home ad Carré's

«Art on Ice»

The ticket sales of the Art on Ice shows in Zurich's Hallenstadion profit best of strong impulses during a relatively short period after the stars have been announced. Studies show that on first contact - compared with all other advertising media - the poster achieves above-average awareness levels.

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Plakatkampagne Echinaforce®

Out of Home Targeting allows the accurate placement of messages along major distribution channels.

With a prominent poster campaign for its Echinaforce® product as well as a systematic approach in site selection and target group communication, Bioforce AG achieved excellent sales pressure and advertising impact.

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Interhome gets a new lease of life: poster campaign turns online sales around.

Bookings moved to online, a low level of brand awareness among the young target group and stagnating new customer figures. Against this difficult backdrop, Interhome embarked on a relaunch campaign. Its aim was to strengthen the Interhome brand and to boost awareness and acceptance of holiday flats and homes as an option for winter, city and – most importantly – summer breaks.

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Uncle Ben's

Praise for the “heiss auf Reis” posters: the poster campaign in French-speaking Switzerland successfully supported Uncle Ben’s “Heiss auf Reis” easy and quick-to-prepare instant rice meals. Those areas where the poster campaign took place reported significantly higher sales than those in areas without posters.

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"Totally Sexy" is the brand promise of Swiss fashion retailer TALLY WEiJL. The campaign posted in November 2010 was suitably attractive and aimed mainly at young women. It proved to be an unqualified success, boosting sales of all the advertised lines.

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The Out of Home range enables customized products to suit any communication goal. Whether analog or digital, in a traditional street format, in stations or at the POS, as a revolving column or large space on facades and main thoroughfares, at waiting locations or in and on vehicles: as a consciously designed campaign, the variety of out-of-home advertising formats achieve a specific overall effect.


Bild_Selzam Grill.jpg

Selzam Grill

Thanks to a locally and regionally-based poster campaign, at the start of the season Selzam AG was able to welcome lots of customers to its barbecue exhibition. The results of the customer survey demonstrate the impact of the Out of Home advertising measures.

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How purple vehicles can become brand ambassadors

For many years now, Valiant has been using the inimitable "Purple" brand, which is unique within the banking sector, and has had great success with it. The aim is to directly target mobile and urban target groups to increase brand awareness sustainably with the aid of a broad-based outdoor advertising campaign. This was a success. Recall and brand awareness were increased significantly compared with 2015.

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eBoard Basel.jpg

Effective digital Out of Home advertising

To awaken the desire for another trip and place easyJet “top of mind” in the target group as a full-service provider for summer holidays, in spring 2017 the brand’s appealing orange spirit shall be spread throughout the catchment areas of the relevant airports.

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F200 Aushangbild 2.jpg

Effective local advertising presence

Targeted poster placement for Sherpa Tensing. To gradually increase brand awareness in Switzerland following the relaunch of the sunscreen brand Sherpa Tensing in 2014, widely publicizing the fact that this product is developed, produced and marketed exclusively in Winterthur.

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Advertising that gets straight to the point

An effective prevention and information campaign helps to put the focus on lightning strikes and the damage they cause to buildings. Moreover, it shall  motivate homeowners to install lightning protection systems.

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Wlle 7.jpg

OoH CrossSolution directs commuters

The Migros Aare Cooperative – the largest Migros cooperative in Switzerland – has established a new concept center at Berne station’s PostParc with the “Welle7” shopping center.

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ASTAG teaser campaign 

Advertising campaigns that involve consumers through their smartphones are more and more in demand. Especially in waiting areas outdoor campaigns are best suitable for interaction as ASTAG's teaser campaign in and around public transport showed.

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Ali Kebap – a cult figure appears

April 2009. It has not been an easy year for the media industry. Falling sales, short time work – crisis. The whole country is affected. And so is APG. But we cannot simply bury our heads in the sand. That is not the answer. A much more useful idea would be to create our own campaign to publicize the benefits of posters as an advertising medium.

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Bild_Bär_Würenlos_Landstr 46_01.jpg

Bear on the loose!

Within the scope of a nationwide campaign, we billposted magnificent pictures of wild bears - with no text whatsoever - exclusively at poster sites in conurbation communities outside the urban centers.

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Angie Becker

As part of its new communications strategy, in the summer of 1999 APG|SGA implemented its own national poster campaign. The aim was to demonstrate, on the basis of actual proof, how a poster campaign works, and how the numerous, initially fleeting contacts develop into a specific awareness and – as a direct consequence – arouse interest and recognition.

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Switzerland votes for a new capital

Nothing irks Swiss consumers more than when the fundamentals of Swiss democracy are questioned. Citizens were asked to vote for a new federal capital with the typical look of an election campaign - featuring the Confederation's coat of arms and the red background.

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How purple vehicles can become brand ambassadors

For many years now, Valiant has been using the inimitable "Purple" brand, which is unique within the banking sector, and has had great success with it. The aim is to directly target mobile and urban target groups to increase brand awareness sustainably with the aid of a broad-based outdoor advertising campaign. This was a success. Recall and brand awareness were increased significantly compared with 2015.

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Out-of-home advertising is effective in public areas: fast, wide-ranging and direct. Poster campaigns thus publicize new messages and products with a wide reach in just a few days. Our case studies show how poster advertising can shape and develop a brand's image.



MAC Station FullBranding

High-impact product promotion

This APG|SGA study examines the effect of the new form “Station full branding”.

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1113.McDo GrandBigMac_01_F12D.jpg

McDonald's "Grand Big Mac"

Out of Home advertising: right place, right time

McDonald's Schweiz regularly surprises the market with eye-catching poster advertising. The humorous presentation of posters for the classic ''Big Mac'' line was very successful – right place, right time.

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"20th anniversary of Media Markt"

Clear messages have a strong impact

With an effective poster campaign, Media Markt, Switzerland's largest electronics specialist chain, made the public aware of its appealing payment terms on the 20th anniversary in 2014.

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Bild_Fall_PartnerWinner_de.jpg Poster and SMS-interaction

Normally, people use classified ads to look for partners but they also make frequent use of dating platforms and chatrooms on the Internet – among them at, Switzerland's most successful dating platform. In the summer of 2004, decided to try a new approach: the poster.

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APG|SGA innovate!




Under the innovate! label, APG|SGA is introducing new technologies and offerings as well as creative campaigns and special forms of advertising. APG|SGA is using this label to demonstrate just how fascinating and dynamic the world of out-of-home media can be. Be inspired and join forces with us to develop new products. Anything is possible.

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