Content: Ali Kebap

Ali Kebap – a cult figure appears

April 2009. It has not been an easy year for the media industry. Falling sales, short time work – crisis. The whole country is affected. And so is APG. But we cannot simply bury our heads in the sand. That is not the answer. A much more useful idea would be to create our own campaign to publicize the benefits of posters as an advertising medium. A medium that is particularly well suited to boosting sales when times are hard. An affordable, flexible and powerful communication tool.

APG|SGA staff draw up a brief and then hold a series of meetings with creative agency Publicis in Zurich. The agency will be responsible for the campaign. Why? This is the same Zurichbased agency which – exactly ten years ago, in 1999 – created a poster campaign with Angie Becker that was a hot topic all over Switzerland for weeks. The first creative proposals arrive a few days later. They show a man who immediately captures the imagination of everyone who sees him. He satisfies every requirement of the brief. Ali Kebap is born.


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