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Strong sales thanks to targeted Out of Home ad Carré's
"Art on Ice"


Art on Ice is one of the most highly attended shows in the world. This popular event has been held in Zurich for twenty years, attracting 60,000 people to the Hallenstadion each year. In addition to global music stars, Art on Ice also features top-class figure skaters performing to live music.


The challenge

Once the stars have been announced there are around four months in which to advertise the event. The main marketing period is November and December, in which 60,000 tickets for Art on Ice Zurich are due to be sold. This requires an intense, focussed advertising impact, as the competition to sell tickets for events is particularly fierce during the festive season.



  • Media mix: Out of Home advertising, TV, radio, print, Internet, and social media platforms

  • Out of Home advertising formats: F12, F200, F200L, F24, ePanel, and Big L Poster

  • Out of Home advertising presence in the event catchment area, from St Gallen to Solothurn, with the focus on the greater Zurich area

  • Design: refined, elegant with the look & feel of the event, short, precise information

  • Measurement of advertising effectiveness using our own market research




On first contact, the poster achieves above-average awareness levels compared with all other advertising media. The image was well received and the geographic poster displays correlated with the geographic details of the ticket buyers, which is in turn an indicator of the campaign's effectiveness. Internal analyses also showed that when the poster presence is increased, ticket sales rise continually and sales figures stabilize.





Careful positioning
+ targeted advertising impact
+ attractive design
= more effective poster campaign




Research facility

External study: "Art on Ice – what people think" The impact of the event
The impact of the event

Scope and objective of study
The successful 20-year track record of the Art on Ice (AoI) shows and spectacles, which have a broad appeal throughout Switzerland, is based on the  combination of contemporary show design and figure skating. In order to keep improving its service, every two years Carré (Zurich) conducts a survey among event visitors on the events held.

The results provide information about the impact of the past events, their marketing and the public's requirements with regard to future events.

Current test setup

  • Personal visitor survey
  • Representative sample: 11,610 people
  • Age: 15+ years
  • Participants: people resident in Switzerland who buy tickets for Art on Ice events in Zurich
  • Procedure: anonymous online interviews straight after the event, duration: max. 10 minutes
  • Carried out: 23.02. – 27.02.2015 by Carré (Zurich)


  • What kind of people go to Art on Ice (AoI)?
  • How often and why do they go to AoI?
  • How and when do they travel to the event?
  • How do they find the AoI visuals?
  • How do they perceive the AoI advertising?
  • How do they rate the staging of the event, the show elements and the current AoI stars?
  • Are they aware of the AoI sponsors and partners?
  • What are their wishes regarding future shows and their suggestions for improvements?