Content: Bear on the loose!

Bear on the loose!

Bild_Bär_Würenlos_Landstr 46_01.jpg

Within the scope of a nationwide campaign, we billposted magnificent pictures of wild bears - with no text whatsoever - exclusively at poster sites in conurbation communities outside the urban centers.

The mystery regarding the meaning and origin of these bear showings was solved by text-only posters designed like official announcements. The message: "Bear on the loose! APG|SGA is bringing it to suburbia!" These posters were placed exclusively in the core zones and at sites along the commuter flows. So commuters were accompanied by the campaign - with images and matching text messages - from the moment they left their homes until they arrived in the city.


Overwhelming echo

The public's response was extraordinary. Once again, the poster had succeeded in confirming its strength, message delivery capability, and popularity. It also lived up to its reputation as a medium that can generate genuine responses. Our telephone lines were aglow with calls from private individuals including many teachers who wanted to have a photo of a bear for themselves or their biology classes. 

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