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Out of Home Targeting generates sales




Management Summary

Echinaforce® Poster Campaign

Out of Home Targeting allows the accurate placement of messages along major distribution channels. With a prominent poster campaign for its Echinaforce® product as well as a systematic approach in site selection and target group communication, Bioforce AG achieved excellent sales pressure and advertising impact. Sales advanced by 48% in the campaign period during the influenza season, and market share picked up significantly as well. The measured Poster Performance Index (PPI) ratings were also higher than the average in its market segment: 47% for recall, 59% for appeal, and 53% for brand recognition.






Systematic selection in the vicinity of points of sale

Strategy and Planning


When noses start running in the winter and the influenza season begins, it's a good time to advertise a herbal formulation that preventively strengthens the immune system and reduces the likelihood of viral infections. Headquartered in Roggwil in the canton of Thurgau, Bioforce AG planned a poster campaign for the 2012/2013 winter season with the intention of boosting the brand recognition of its flagship Echinaforce® product.

Direct communication with the target group
At Bioforce, the campaign preparations began early: The company contacted APG|SGA in May 2012. Together with “the Generation Media” agency, Bioforce envisaged a poster campaign that would reach the target groups in the direct vicinity of the sales channels, in this case pharmacies and drug stores, right on time for the 2012/2013 flu season. “the Generation Media” CEO Petra Kreussler puts it in a nutshell: “We soon realized that this assignment could only be fulfilled with a highly differentiated selection of panels. This called for close collaboration with APG|SGA.” And APG|SGA sales consultant Reto Moschen remembers: “The deliberate selection of billposting sites in the vicinity of Echinaforce® points of sale developed together with the client was a very constructive and systematic process thanks to our central database.”

The approach
«Out of Home Targeting»
Out of Home Targeting communicates with the core target group of the advertised product using a specially configured poster planning matrix. This amplifies the penetration of a conventional poster campaign by deliberate and intelligent placement at locations in the communication channel, which means in the immediate vicinity of  the customer. This direct target group approach guarantees the visibility of the campaign.

The result was a comprehensive poster campaign composed of panels near pharmacies and drug stores.
Two goals were accomplished simultaneously: on the one hand, potential buyers were made aware of the flu-prevention effect of Echinaforce® and on the other, the posters near the points of sale encouraged consumers to purchase Echinaforce®.
APG|SGA handled this assignment with a radius selection of available panels in the vicinity of sites extracted from a meter-accuracy list of all pharmacies and drug stores in the designated target areas.
In the end, a campaign with over 700 individually selected poster sites was rolled out: in the German- and French-speaking parts of Switzerland, distributed across all major conurbations.


With this visual (F200 and F12 posters), Bioforce AG vied for attention – and got it.






750 panels with F12 and F200 formats


Echinaforce® campaign profile

  •    F12 and F200 format mix
  •    1 visual
  •    Preferred sites in the direct vicinity of pharmacies and drug stores
  •    Conurbations and other regions in German- and French-speaking Switzerland
  •    Out of Home Targeting to intensify communication with consumers and retailers
  •    Billposting volume:
       750 panels
       640 posters (wide format)
       110 posters (portrait format)
  •    Gross spend in February and March 2013 including confirmed follow-up period(s):
       CHF 630,000


The concentrated placement of Echinaforce® posters near pharmacies and drug stores in German- and French-speaking Switzerland sensitized the target groups on the spot and encouraged consumers to buy Echinaforce® at the nearby point of sale. (Photo source: Google)


Example: sites selected in the center of Zürich. (Photo source: Google)






Significant sales and market share gains


Impressive research results
The impact of the Echinaforce® campaign was examined by APG|SGA in a Poster Performance Index study. The evaluation of the results showed that about half of all respondents (47 percent) could spontaneously remember the Echinaforce® posters.
Of those respondents, more than half (53 percent) correctly recognized the brand and 59 percent spontaneously rated the poster as being very good or quite good. From the very start, the Echinaforce® campaign thus achieved impact ratings that tendentially outperformed the average PPI benchmark for poster campaigns in the “Health/Personal Care” segment (see chart below)



Sales success for Echinaforce®
According to Bioforce statistics, sales of Echinaforce® at the beginning of 2013 are significantly higher than in the prior year (+48 percent). Sales figures are also clearly higher versus competitive immunostimulus products against influenza and common colds.

Significant increase of market share
The success of the Echinaforce® poster campaign also influenced the market share trend. In the overall Swiss market for immunostimulants (self-medication) against colds, Echinaforce® had a market share of approx. 44 percent, significantly higher than in prior years. By comparison: The market share was 41.5% in 2011 and 40.9% in 2012.


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