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Out of Home Media Performance

Addressing target groups at the point of sale
Shopping ePanels for "Grischuna minipic"


Grischuna is a brand name of Fleischtrocknerei Churwalden AG. This long-established company specializes in manufacturing the renowned Bündnerfleisch (air-dried meat). Particular emphasis is placed on bringing the "magic of the Graubünden region" to steadily growing numbers of consumers through the efficient use of resources and a target group-appropriate product range.


The challenge

Grischuna's "minipic" is Switzerland's best known and loved meat snack – and has been for over 40 years. Most Swiss people associate "minipic" with nostalgic memories. But competition is constantly growing. So this tried-and-tested classic meat snack is to be positioned more strongly within the target group and shop sales increased. 



  • Media mix: monomedia out-of-home advertising strategy 
  • Out-of-home advertising formats: F12, F200, F200L, Shopping ePanels
  • Display locations: on streets, in railway stations and at points of sale (shopping centres)
  • Presentation: addresses the target group in a likeable, self-confident way
  • Measuring the advertising impact (recall & recognition): via surveys in Migros Aare 


  • Reaction at POS: 81% of those surveyed liked the "minipic" campaign "a lot" or "quite a lot", and a total of 35% remembered it (when prompted).
  • Reaching the target group: The 10-second advertisement was best received by the anticipated shopping segment of "multi-person households with children". 87% of those surveyed liked the advertisement "a lot" or "quite a lot", and 46% remembered it.
  • Sales potential: 87% of the self-acknowledged "regular consumers of meat snacks" liked the campaign "a lot" or "quite a lot", and 43 % remembered it.
  • Shop sales rose year on year in the shopping centres used.


Grischuna Statistik EN.png

Clear product statement
+ target group-appropriate realization
+ digital impetus at POS
= more effective out of home advertising




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Research facility

PPI – A Post-test Tool for Practical Use
Real-world monitoring and benchmarking

Scope and objective of study

For the first time in Switzerland, this APG|SGA study examines the impact of the new "Shopping ePanels" digital out-of-home advertising format – a network of large-format full HD screens (70") in the malls of major Swiss retailers' shopping centres. The survey examined the following elements at a total of six Migros Aare locations in north-west Switzerland:

  • Dwell time and frequency with which the shopping centre was visited
  • Perception of advertising media in the shopping centre
  • Perception of the advertising materials in the shopping centre (unprompted and prompted): recollection of and liking for campaigns
  • Consumer behaviour

Special test setup: 

  • Survey area: North-west Switzerland
  • Representative sample: 622 people
  • Age: 15+ years
  • Interviewees: regular visitors to the shopping centres mentioned, during the time the ePanel campaign was running
  • Procedure: personal face-to-face survey in the malls of the Migros Aare shopping centres used  
  • Duration: maximum 15 minutes
  • Execution: 20-22 August 2015 / Innofact AG (Zurich) 


  • Socio-demographic profile of target group (age, gender, age structure, occupational status, purchasing power class)
  • Visits to shopping centres in the Migros Aare catchment area (frequency and duration)
  • General perception of advertising media in shopping centre (including ePanels)
  • Spontaneous recollection of advertising campaigns on ePanels (open question)
  • Perception of advertising campaign (prompted): recollection and liking
  • Questions regarding consumption