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Interhome gets a new lease of life: poster campaign turns online sales around.

Bookings moved to online, a low level of brand awareness among the young target group and stagnating new customer figures. Against this difficult backdrop, Interhome embarked on a relaunch campaign. Its aim was to strengthen the Interhome brand and to boost awareness and acceptance of holiday flats and homes as an option for winter, city and – most importantly – summer breaks.

Particularly online, Interhome is facing increasingly tough competition. A poster campaign in two waves in Switzerland’s seven biggest cities was launched in order to motivate potential customers to visit Interhome’s website and spend their next holidays with Interhome. Marco Amos, Country Manager at Interhome Switzerland, commented: "The aim of the poster campaign was to trigger a branding effect to boost Interhome’s level of recognition. In addition, the campaign was intended to communicate to people the many advantages they can enjoy when spending the best days of the year in one of Interhome’s holiday flats or houses." The posters thus centred on messages such as more individual, more generous, better value for money or more space, more freedom and more fun.

The campaign bore fruit, putting an end to the decline in bookings for summer destinations abroad in 2010. At the same time, traffic on the Interhome website increased by one third over the previous year. It was also interesting to observe that, parallel to the posters, there was a rapid surge in the number of Interhome’s branding keywords being entered into search engines.


The Interhome poster campaign generated an unusually high number of visits to the online booking channel and reversed a decline in bookings. This shows that posters are an exceedingly effective medium for online sales too.


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