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Poster and SMS-interaction 

The Story

Normally, people use classified ads to look for partners but they also make frequent use of dating platforms and chatrooms on the Internet – among them at, Switzerland's most successful dating platform. In the summer of 2004, decided to try a new approach: the poster. Given the known strengths of this medium, it was obvious that the company would be able to appeal to the general public and boost awareness. But: Can the poster generate response, too? Would people react to this form of advertising? In other words: Does the poster work as a dialog medium as well?

The campaign was designed as a teaser suite (see table Parameters of the poster campaign for details). In the first phase, a gentleman named "Prince", of eligible age, sat on a throne and made his quest publicly known at countless poster sites. The only sender information was a cell phone number. Women interested in meeting him could send an SMS. They were asked – again via SMS – to have a little patience. Two weeks later, a smiling Prinz, this time with his first name Angelo, again showed up on posters, now surrounded by a sizeable number of single women. The message this time: thousands of women wanted to meet and even marry Angelo Prinz from Olten. Of course, this response was overwhelming for the protagonist. This is why he sent another SMS to the many interested women. He asked them to forward an e-mail with a photograph to his nickname at so that he could make a calm, unhurried choice. 



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