Content: Selzam Grill

Posters get your events noticed


Each year, in the spring, a barbecue exhibition is organized by Selzam AG - the leading Swiss barbecue specialist center - to mark the start of the BBQ season. The aim is to keep in touch with existing customers and gain potential new customers for the company, from the Winterthur region. Thanks to a locally and regionally-based poster campaign, at the start of the season Selzam AG was able to welcome lots of customers to its barbecue exhibition. The results of the customer survey demonstrate the impact of the Out of Home advertising measures.

  • Posters have a bigger impact than all other media used.
  • The design impresses with its clear message.
  • The blanket coverage of the target region guaranteed high visibility.

Best Practice Selzam Grill (Factsheet) (656.9 KB)