Content: Switzerland votes for a new capital

Switzerland votes for a new capital

Nothing irks Swiss consumers more than when the fundamentals of Swiss democracy are questioned. Citizens were asked to vote for a new federal capital with the typical look of an election campaign - featuring the Confederation's coat of arms and the red background. Suddenly, the incumbent, the city of Bern, is confronted with competition from Basel, Geneva, and Zurich. A fictional committee presents itself as the combative originator of the campaign. Rivalry among the cities is fired up with political arguments.


Assessment of the campaign in pre- and posttests:

  1.     83.7% of the respondents were attracted to or enthusiastic about the campaign
  2.     Significant increase of eBoard awareness after the campaign (more than 15%)
  3.     Clear increase of acceptance of SMS as a tool for contests and surveys after the campaign (more than 32%)


The impressive "New Capital" campaign clearly demonstrated that classic out-of-home advertising is fit for the implementation of cross-media mobile media campaigns and, if systematically deployed, will sustainably deliver measurable response.

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