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"Totally Sexy" is the brand promise of Swiss fashion retailer TALLY WEiJL. The campaign posted in November 2010 was suitably attractive and aimed mainly at young women. It proved to be an unqualified success, boosting sales of all the advertised lines.

In November 2010, TALLY WEiJL launched a poster campaign in Switzerland's eight largest cities. The campaign objective was to increase sales of certain clothing lines that had previously not been advertised. The design of each poster featured a specific item and included its price – something the company had never done before. The campaign mainly targeted areas around the largest TALLY WEiJL stores. The result was emphatic:  during and after the poster campaign, sales of the featured fashion items rose by over 80%. The sales lift was seen mainly by stores in areas where the campaign had been posted, compared with salespoints surveyed in areas where it had not.

Head of Marketing, Michael Haag, needs no convincing:

"We were able to achieve a clear uplift in sales for the advertised products that I can only describe as ‘totally sexy’. The biggest increase in sales of these products occurred while the poster campaign was running."


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