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Praise for the “heiss auf Reis” posters: the poster campaign in French-speaking Switzerland successfully supported Uncle Ben’s “Heiss auf Reis” easy and quick-to-prepare instant rice meals. Those areas where the poster campaign took place reported significantly higher sales than those in areas without posters.

"Uncle Ben's: Heiss auf Reis” are light rice meals, sure to be a hit for those in-between meals in the office or at home. To lend support to this product in French-speaking Switzerland, Uncle Ben’s and APG|SGA are launching a staggered campaign in winter 2010/2011: in the Geneva, Lausanne, Fribourg and La Chaux-de-Fonds regions.

The eagerly awaited results speak for themselves: in the first phase of the campaign, points of sale in areas with posters reported sales 44 percent higher than those without posters.

A. Etienne Schüpfer, Category Director Chocolate and Food, Mars Switzerland Ltd, Zug:

"We, and our partner APG|SGA, are delighted with the excellent sales figures and will continue to put our trust in poster campaigns in the future – for both product launches and promotions."

You can find all the details of the study here:

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