Content: Milestones

1900 APG was founded in Geneva (head office up to today),
supported by the advertising agencies Haasenstein and Vogler, Vettiner, David and Juvet
1901-1938 Establishment of a posting network
in the F4 World format, starting from Geneva and spreading over the whole of Switzerland
Robert Beaujon, first director
1906-1911 Opening of branches in Zürich, Lausanne, Luzern, Basel, Bern, Neuchâtel
1916 Lugano branch 
1925 St. Gallen branch

First telephone booths financed by advertising: Zürich, junction of the Usteri / Bahnhofstrasse

1937 Concept for standard poster frames from Bruno Giacometti 

Poster concessions in more than 90 cities, with 10 public transport companies, and 48 regional railways and resort cableways


Design competition Swiss Poster of the Year, awarded by the Swiss Federal Department of the Interior, EDI


Introduction of the Wide format F12

1973 First Swiss basic poster research project for the survey of reach and opportunities to see 
1982 Aarau, Chur branch

Introduction of the City format F200

1986 Sion branch 
1986-1987 Poster study in Switzerland: Second basic research project on reach and opportunities to see
First documentation of poster network offers with scientifically measured, representative media data 
1987 Winterthur branch
First City format backlit poster network, equipment of stops of the Zürich Public Transport VBZ 
1987-1998 Young Talent Competition APG Poster Promotion Prize, offered among the Swiss Design Schools 
1988  Introduction of the Large format 12 m2
Establishment of a special poster network on the occasion of the 700th anniversary of the Swiss Confederation 
1992  First master concept: Zürich
Special study on the advertising recall of billboards 
1993  First installation of a City Map backlit poster network: Luzern
Special study on the advertising impact of railway station posters 
1995  First installation if the Telecab200'0 telephone booths with backlit poster panels: Zürich, Bahnhofstrasse
First planning tool for the individual calculation of media data for poster campaigns 
1997 Internet presence
Launch of the long-term study APG Poster Performance Index PPI®:
Recall, brand recognition and appeal of poster campaigns 
1999  Launch of a new fundamental poster research project
The Angie Becker Case: Poster genre advertising and special study on brand promotion
Founding of Affichage Holding 

Kick-off of the third fundamental poster research round: Swiss Poster Research SPR 

eBoard, Zürich main station: introduction of the first large-scale Out of Home digital format in Switzerland (60 m2 LED display)

2005  Affichage Out of Home Media: Umbrella brand strategy and visual integration of the various Affichage Holding companies with the "red triangle", the new joint logo
Expansion of the Affichage Group's business activities to Greece, northern Italy, and Romania 
2006 APG|SGA Traffic becomes an independent company within Affichage Holding
Establishment of Swiss Poster Research Plus SPR+, an independently funded organization for the completion and institutionalization of the third fundamental poster research program 
2007 Commencement of live applications of the SPR+ Expert planning tool
Introduction of the new 7-m2 F24 format that replaces the legacy 12-m2 large format 
2009 Introduction of SPR+ based performance prices for billboards
2010 Lauch of the digital services PosterDirect® (online planning, creation, booking and printing order) and PosterPlus® (dialog smartphone poster)
2011 Introduction of SPR+ based performance prices also for posters in railway stations
Introduction of the new digital format ePanel: 82-inch full-HD portraitformat screens for animated advertising
Strategic realignment and focus on the Swiss home market: search for new ownership structures and selling options in Greece, Hungary, northern Italy, Bulgaria and Bosnia-Herzegovina
2012 Introduction of the new corporate brand APG|SGA for the main business activities in Switzerland, complemented by four segment brands APG|SGA Airport, APG|SGA Mega Poster, APG|SGA Mountain, and APG|SGA Traffic. July 2012: Affichage Holding SA is know as APG|SGA SA.
2013 Selling business options in Romania and Montenegro
Development of the digital portfolio: more than 100 Full HD screens
2014 Impacta AG and Ecofer AG fully taken over under the new segment brand APG|SGA Rail
Launch of "innovate!" – innovation team and online platform for the development and implementation of new ideas in Out of Home advertising
2015 Modernization and expansion of logistics processes – billposters now use electronic display lists and smartphones
Significant expansion of digital range at promising shopping and station locations
New sales outlet opened in Brig
2016 Full acquisition of Alpenplakat AG with 550 poster sites
Launch of new segment brand APG|SGA Promotion for the implementation of stand and distribution campaigns
2017 APG|SGA extends successfully the long-term collaboration with the city of Belgrad (Serbia)
APG|SGA pushes its way into the Mobile Media segment and launches a new segment brand, APG|SGA Interaction
Introduction of the SPR+ MobNat study, which is based on a national mobility model that covers the frequency of people for each section of the road in Switzerland
Expansion of the number of screens for the national package  AllStar ePanel CH with more than 480 locations and a digital network performance of 23.2 million contacts
2018 APG|SGA participates in a proof of concept of the blockchain startup IOTA and tests applications in the smartcity area
With aymo, APG|SGA Interaction launches the most accurate mobile targeting in Switzerland and sets new standards in the targeting accuracy of mobile products
Launch of the largest digital city ePanel network in Switzerland with 28 screens in Basel