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APG to reorganize its branch structure


APG (Allgemeine Plakatgesellschaft AG) is about to reorganize its branch structure and reduce itsworkforce by 20 full-time positions across Switzerland (from a total of 540). APG will thus be even better focused on the needs of its customers and partners. The company is also reacting to an advertising market still feeling the effects of the financial crisis and responding to the cautious forecasts for 2010.

In recent weeks the organization, processes and allocation of tasks within APG have been subject to an in-depth analysis. The results convinced management that a rapid adaptation of structures within the company was required. APG has therefore decided to reorganize its branch structure. The previous branch areas are being streamlined into the four regions: "Western", "Central", "Eastern" and "Southern". A Regional Head of Sales and a Regional Head of Acquisition will be appointed for each region, with the exception of the "Southern" region, where one Regional Head will take charge of both areas of responsibility.

These structural changes necessitate a reduction of the workforce by 20 full-time positions across Switzerland (from a total of 540). The restructuring will begin at the start of November and will be completed in spring 2010. A redundancy package has been prepared for those employees affected by the workforce reduction.

APG greatly regrets the need to cut jobs, but remains convinced that the new structures will secure the necessary competitive edge in a volatile business environment. From this strengthened position, APG will once again be able to fulfil its important innovative role in the Swiss outdoor advertising market.


About the company
APG AG is the market leader in Swiss outdoor advertising, with a market share of 75%. As a subsidiary of Affichage Holding SA, the company provides posters at busy locations all over Switzerland. With one of the largest private fleets of natural gas vehicles in the country, APG's staff regularly display posters cleanly and professionally in both urban and rural areas. At every single location for over 100 years: quality combined with a long tradition.

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