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APG introduces networks for shopping centres.


APG, a partner of the ten biggest shopping centres in Switzerland, has introduced its own shopping networks for the “2010-2” booking window. The company is thereby acknowledging the increasing appeal of shopping centres to the Swiss population. The move also underlines the importance of the poster as a classical sales promotion medium.

Good news for APG's customers: the company is offering ten networks – one each for the ten biggest shopping centres in Switzerland – for the “2010-2” booking window, which can also be booked individually. Each network includes the most important access routes to and from each shopping centre – whether by road, by public transport or on foot – guaranteeing high levels of attention en route to where the decision to purchase will be made. Bookings will be available on all shopping networks from 12 April 2010.

Poster advertising for wine and beer
Poster advertising has long been offering what was only made possible on radio and television by the partial relaxation of the Swiss Radio and Television Act (RTVG): advertising for alcoholic drinks such as wine and beer. Despite the intervention of the authorities, poster advertising remains possible in many locations.

Shorter cancellation deadlines
And something else that's new: from 5 July 2010, poster faces that have already been booked can be cancelled at no extra charge up to ten weeks before the start of the posting period. APG is thus catering for the increasingly short deadlines involved in booking advertising campaigns. The company is also offering both agencies and customers more flexibility in the way they use media.

New brochure now online
Do you have any questions about APG's poster network? Do you want to find out more about the company's complete range of services? Get all the news on the new “2010-2” booking window at

About the company
APG AG is the market leader in Swiss outdoor advertising, with a market share of 75%. As a subsidiary of Affichage Holding SA, the company provides posters at busy locations all over Switzerland. With one of the largest private fleets of natural gas vehicles in the country, APG's staff regularly display posters cleanly and professionally in both urban and rural areas. At every single location for over 100 years: quality combined with a long tradition.

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