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APG launches special poster campaign for GENERALI


APG is launching a nationwide image campaign for insurance company GENERALI. Special posters will be positioned at five high-footfall locations in Swiss cities. The campaign is to feature a type of poster that has never been seen in Switzerland before.

From 17 May 2010, APG will begin displaying a nationwide image campaign for insurance company GENERALI in F12, F12L, F200 and F200L formats. And what is so special about this campaign? At five high-footfall locations in the cities of Zurich, Lucerne, Winterthur, St. Gallen and Lausanne, poster operatives will be putting up special posters with games attached, ready for passers-by to prove their skills.

At first glance the games appear complicated, as is the case with the world of insurance, as the cliché goes among the Swiss population. However, if you know the right way or the right partner, the solution is easy to find. The insurance company featured is using the various poster motifs to make the public aware that it has easy answers to all questions involving insurance. GENERALI employees will be on hand to provide new materials for the posters throughout the day.

"Posters are the ideal medium for our campaign. APG is prepared to assist companies wishing to use less conventional posters, and we are now particularly pleased with how the unique special posters have turned out," said Andreas Kuster, Head of Brand Management at GENERALI.



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