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APG expands its POS concept for 2011.


APG will continue with its successful "Top10 Shopping Centre" POS network in 2011. Equally importantly, the company is expanding the selection options so that customers can target their customers more accurately.

Posters are considered the medium for boosting sales. Why? Positioned along approach roads to shopping centres, near public transport stops and in pedestrian areas, posters accompany consumers from their arrival at a shopping centre until the moment they make their purchase decision. This is why APG decided to launch its Top10 Shopping Centre Network concept in the spring of 2010. And the concept has proved to be a great success. Hardly surprising, in fact, because posters positioned within a 250-metre radius of a shopping centre are ideally placed to influence the consumer's ultimate purchase decision. APG's network covers the ten biggest shopping centres in Switzerland.

It is easy to see why APG is not only retaining this concept, but building on it. From 2011, APG customers will be able to select poster sites close to Coop, Migros and Manor shopping centres, the main shopping streets in the ten biggest Swiss cities, and RailCity shopping centres on the basis of criteria such as target group or distribution channel.

This means that APG – partner of the ten biggest shopping centres in Switzerland and RailCity stations – now offers locations that are ideal for ensuring the success of ad campaigns close to the point of sale.

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