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Quality over quantity: APG launches premium product.


Good news for all APG's customers: starting in 2011, the company is launching a new premium network product – "Premium Citystar200L® Big5". Sites with over 150,000 weighted exposures per week in the five largest cities in Switzerland will provide ideal support for sales initiatives.

APG enjoys a reputation as Switzerland's city poster specialist – a reputation that was recently further enhanced when we regained the concession for Berne. Thanks to this success, the company can now provide seamless coverage of the busiest locations in the five largest cities in Switzerland. For example, APG has sites at the popular Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich, at Aeschenplatz in Basel and at the Quai du Général Guisan in Geneva.

It was the high demand for these spaces that originally convinced APG to develop a separate network for the "Big 5" – a premium network: Premium Citystar200L® Big5. The name speaks for itself. The network is comprised exclusively of premium sites generating over 150,000 weighted exposures every week.

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