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A milestone for interactive posters – APG launches the PosterPlus app


APG is going interactive with its posters. The leading company for outdoor advertising in Switzerland is launching PosterPlus – an app that allows conventional posters to interact with the target audience via iPhones. PosterPlus will be available in the App Store as of 2 December. 

A milestone for interactive posters: on 2 December, APG is launching PosterPlus – an app that allows the conventional poster to interact with its target audience. Simply download the PosterPlus app from the App Store, photograph the desired poster with your iPhone and benefit from the added value right away. Another option is to give the photographed poster a voice and increase its chances of winning the "Poster of the Month" award.

In the start phase of PosterPlus, APG is focusing on B2B to give agencies and clients some lead time to familiarize themselves with the new tool and develop creative ideas. People who photograph a poster as of 2 December will initially receive basic information about the client, the PR or advertising agency and about additional motifs in current or previous campaigns. Posters recognized by the app can be recommended directly via e-mail, Facebook and Twitter sharing functions and stored for later use in the personal online library at If there are enough individual examples of interactive campaigns, APG will launch PosterPlus for the general public. This will not happen before the second quarter of 2011. PosterPlus aims to offer passers-by specific added value – including discounts, entry to competitions, additional information about the product, premium calculators for health insurance funds, test drive bookings, and much more.

The interactive tool is based on the image recognition technology developed by the Swiss company kooaba. The motifs are stored optically in a database and are recognized as soon as a photo is taken, even if there is no special code printed on the poster. The database is being expanded continuously. Clients and agencies can also upload motifs themselves.

Stephan Küng from "Mediaschneider" has this to say about PosterPlus: "The interaction between smartphones and posters definitely makes sense as both are used outside the home. I am convinced that this innovation will offer clients real added value."

APG developed PosterPlus in conjunction with its partners kooaba (image recognition technology) and Vanija and mitLlinks (implementation).

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APG AG is the market leader in Swiss outdoor advertising, with a market share of 75%. As a subsidiary of Affichage Holding SA, the company provides posters at busy locations all over Switzerland. Using one of the largest natural gas-fuelled vehicle fleets, the regular trips made by its employees to expertly hang posters in urban and out-of-town settings have minimal environmental impact. With over a century of experience at these diverse sites, APG combines quality with decades of tradition.

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