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APG launches 2011 election campaign


The poster is a traditional feature of the build-up to an election. This year, APG will combine new and traditional methods to play an active part in the parliamentary elections being held on 23 October 2011. Indeed, APG itself will soon be kicking off the election campaign; the company is releasing a set of instructions showing politicians how to gain votes, as well as its own election campaign. 

APG posters have been a successful tool in election races for years, and the election in autumn 2011 will be no exception. But the fact that APG – the Swiss market leader for poster advertising – will be taking an active part in the parliamentary elections does represent a first in Switzerland. APG is launching the campaign with the brochure "Möchten auch Sie das Gesicht der Schweiz prägen?" ("Do you also want to help shape the face of Switzerland?"), as well as its own campaign entitled "APG – für eine wählende Schweiz" ("APG – for the discerning Swiss electorate").

The brochure will accompany the candidates and explain the benefits of election posters throughout the main campaign. Anyone wishing to put together their own ideal profile for a politician can do so with the help of the booklet included. Would you choose Christian Levrat's neck (SP), Ueli Leuenberger's mouth and nose (Grüne), Christophe Darbellay's eyes (CPV), or Martin Bäumle's hair (GLP)? Or how about Fulvio Pelli's glasses (FDP), Hans Grunder's curly locks (BDP) or Toni Brunner's smile (SVP)? Everyone will be able to help shape the face of Switzerland.

Yet APG wants more, and so it will also be playing an active role in this year's parliamentary elections. Why? The reason lies in the general lack of interest in parliamentary elections in Switzerland. A mere 48.3 percent of eligible voters turned out at the last election. Pundits are forecasting little change for 23 October 2011. In partnership with, APG wants to encourage the Swiss to use their vote, which is why we will be running our own public service poster campaign in the summer. This will give candidates an extra boost: while they woo voters with their own poster campaign, their message will be enhanced by APG's own campaign. The election brochure shows just how simply this will work.

There are many good reasons to choose APG. With 50,000 advertising spaces, the company offers more visibility than any other provider of out-of-home advertising. After all, to attract votes you need to be seen. Not only does APG cover every part of Switzerland, sut we also have a wide range of products to choose from. And we offer particularly attractive terms for political advertising. APG – for the discerning Swiss electorate.

Project team
APG: Beat Holenstein, Slavica Lecic, Head of Communications
Strategy and concept: Erich Baumgartner (Marketing Consultant), Rebecca Grzesik (Creative Consultant)
Balz Steiger (Core AG Design Works).

About the company
APG AG is the market leader in Swiss outdoor advertising, with a market share of 75 percent. As a subsidiary of Affichage Holding SA, the company provides posters at busy locations all over Switzerland. Using one of the largest natural gas-fuelled vehicle fleets, the regular trips made by its employees to expertly hang posters in urban and out-of-town settings have minimal environmental impact. With over a century of experience at these diverse sites – APG combines quality with decades of tradition.

Beat Holenstein, Head of Partner & Product Management, Member of the Management Board,
Giesshübelstrasse 4, CH-8027 Zurich, Switzerland
Phone: +41 58 220 70 51

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