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High average scores for poster advertising in 2010


The Poster Performance Index (PPI) measures the cost effectiveness of poster campaigns. For 2010, the index confirms the high average performance of posters. And it revealed the three most effective poster campaigns of 2010.

How good is the recognition and recall performance of a poster campaign? Is brand awareness being achieved? How much did viewers like the campaign? Or more specifically: what is the return on investment offered by a poster campaign? PPI provides answers to these questions, and for 2010, the average performance is high.

The three most effective poster campaigns from APG's long-term study for 2010 are:

  • Fielmann AG
    Fielmann (CW 16–17) with 68% recall, 84% brand recognition, 54% appeal
  • Media Markt Schweiz AG
    15 Jahre Mediamarkt (CW 1–3) with 63% recall, 91% brand recognition, 53% appeal
  • Swiss Milk producers SMP
    Lovely Snowboard (KW 6–7) with 66% recall, 85% brand recognition, 90% appeal

The PPI has analysed over 770 poster campaigns since 1997. Their advertising effectiveness has proved to be high, namely: 48% recall, 54% brand awareness und 64% appeal. The most successful sectors are:

  • IT/office with an average of 55% recall and 67% brand awareness
  • Industry/commerce with an average of 52% recall and 70% brand awareness
  • Transport services with an average of 48% recall and 76% brand awareness
  • Consumer electronics/photo with an average of 59% recall and 51% brand awareness
  • Home/garden/furnishings with an average of 46% recall and 64% brand awareness.

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