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APG presents: the Orange interactive poster campaign


The telecommunications enterprise Orange is offering great deals for young people under 27 and has chosen APG as their marketing partner. Innovative: The interactive application PosterPlus, which allows customers to take advantage of additional promotions, is also part of the campaign. 

Orange Young: Orange’s great deals for young people under 27. The plan allows customers to profit from particularly attractive conditions for mobile phone calling, texting and Internet use. This new offer will be advertised throughout Switzerland with a two-phase poster campaign in cooperation with APG. Once again, the poster has proven to be the number one sales medium.  

The most innovative aspect of the campaign is APG’s interactive PosterPlus application. This app makes direct customer feedback possible and opens up new dimensions in the advertising market. It’s so simple! Download PosterPlus, photograph the poster and take immediate advantage of additional information, contests and promotions. All of the information behind the poster gets downloaded automatically to your iPhone or your Android smartphone. In the second phase of the campaign, in addition to PosterPlus, Orange also makes use of the social media platform Facebook, where customers participate in the campaign directly. Interaction is rapidly gaining importance for advertising customers, so expect more exciting and interactive campaigns in the near future. PosterPlus – more than just a poster.

About the company
APG AG is the clear market leader in Swiss out-of-home advertising. As a subsidiary of Affichage Holding SA, the company offers poster sites at busy locations all over Switzerland. Using one of the largest natural gas-fuelled vehicle fleets, the regular trips made by its employees to expertly hang posters in urban and out-of-town settings have minimal environmental impact. With over a century of experience at these diverse sites, APG combines quality with long-standing tradition.

Beat Holenstein, Head of Partner and Product Management, Giesshübelstrasse 4, 8027 Zurich
Telephone:           +41 58 220 70 51

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