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Simpler and more eye-catching: APG launches its 2012 range of posters


With the start of the booking season, APG is introducing a host of new offers and services for the 2012 poster year. The new early booking discount will benefit early-bird bookers; sliding-scale discounts for campaigns are being expanded; and the newly standardized pricing system simplifies pricing models. 

The leader in the Swiss outdoor advertising market shows how it’s done: Clever planning is well worth the effort. The “booking window” (the defined booking period for the first half of 2012) opens on 10 October 2011. The new early booking discount, for example, gives you 10% off on gross prices for the majority of networks, but there is a host of other new deals too.

Premium Branding: make a splash in all the biggest cities
Along with Zurich, Berne and Lausanne, we’ve now added Basel and Lucerne. Make an exclusive impression with Premium Branding at all the finest locations.

Early booking discount: book ahead and save
Book within the first eight weeks after the booking window opens and get a 10% early booking discount on the gross price for network bookings. The offer is not valid for F4, Premium Branding, Premium Citystar200L and Rail Rollingstar 200LR CH.

Longer running campaigns and an optimized discount system
In order to appeal to a broader customer base, APG is introducing standardized poster campaigns with a longer running time of eight weeks. The newly adapted running times offer a high-performance alternative to TV and print advertising. Moreover, the sliding-scale campaign discounts (KSR) now comprise five instead of four increments.

Standardized pricing: simple and transparent
APG has adapted its price structure, simplifying it by hundreds of tariff positions. This now includes a year-round standardized rate instead of the previous standard and low rates. Yearly and flat rates will still be calculated on the basis of the existing standard rate. With the acquisition of the City of Geneva submission, APG’s comprehensive range of offers is now available in Switzerland’s second largest city. Owing to stipulations contained in the new contract, prices in the City of Geneva will increase by approximately 10%.
APG Profitline: even more flexibility
The popular and successful budget deal APG Profitline is now more flexible than ever. Customers can now broaden the effect of their campaign by increasing their budget in stages.

APG PosterDirect: no login necessary for inquiries
It’s now possible to check out poster sites and prices directly without logging in, and Poster Direct customers can also profit from a 5% online booking discount.

Complete information and details of APG’s deals and latest offers are summarized in the company’s new 2012 pocket planner “Out-of-home media.” The pocket planner is available in ePaper format in various languages at . You’ll find further APG news and offers at

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About the company
APG AG is the clear market leader in Swiss out-of-home advertising. As a subsidiary of Affichage Holding SA, the company offers poster sites at busy locations all over Switzerland. Using one of the largest natural gas-fuelled vehicle fleets, the regular trips made by its employees to expertly hang posters in urban and out-of-town settings have minimal environmental impact. With over a century of experience at these diverse sites, APG AG combines quality with long-standing tradition.