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The new APG|SGA


The new brand APG|SGA will be celebrating its launch on 19 January 2012. All of our business activi-ties in Switzerland will be conducted under one corporate brand, complemented by four segment brands. 

The new brand presence is part of Affichage Holding SA's strategic and operational realignment, focusing primarily on the company's domestic market of Switzerland. With this rebranding, APG (Allgemeine Plakat-gesellschaft AG), which until now has operated in the Swiss market, is also making a visual step towards the future of dynamic Out of Home advertising. The triangle from the old logo has evolved into a triangle of dots which represents increasing digitization, as well as the range of offers, networks and diverse partnerships of APG|SGA. The rich red symbolizes "Swissness" and with it the basis of the brand that has held a firm footing in the Swiss economy for over a hundred years.

Print, digital, interactive
The "new" APG|SGA, together with its segment brands, is staying true to its roots. Printed posters in all for-mats and styles in the best locations will remain the core business of APG|SGA. However, the future of Out of Home media also lies in digital screens and interactive forms of advertising. APG|SGA is consolidating its position as the Swiss market leader by increasing its focus on innovative, cross-segment offers. It is continuing to evolve into a one-stop shop offering all elements of Out of Home advertising and the management of public spaces.

Corporate brand and segment brands
APG|SGA provides a full range of posters on the street, in open spaces, at train stations and in POS and POI areas, and is replacing the brands APG in German-speaking Switzerland and SGA in western Switzerland and Ticino. The corporate brand APG|SGA will now be used consistently and equally in all language regions. The previous segment brands will be incorporated into the new corporate umbrella brand with a standard naming concept, but will continue to operate independently on the market as APG|SGA Airport (formerly Bercher Publicité), APG|SGA Mega Poster (formerly Paron), APG|SGA Mountain (formerly APGMontagne) and APG|SGA Traffic (as before). The APG profit centre eAd/e-Advertising, with its successful digital ePanel and eBoard services, will be integrated into APG|SGA's core business and expanded further. No changes will be made to the brand management of Affichage Holding SA and its holdings Ecofer and Impacta in Switzerland, or the company's subsidiaries abroad. The names of the legal companies of all brands will likewise remain the same. 

Markus Ehrle, Head of Marketing & Business Development
APG|SGA, Giesshübelstrasse 4, 8045 Zurich, T +41 58 220 71 73,

APG|SGA Media Office
Affichage Holding SA, Giesshübelstrasse 4, 8045 Zurich, T +41 58 220 70 71,

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About the company
APG|SGA, Allgemeine Plakatgesellschaft AG, is a part of Affichage Holding SA and is Switzerland’s leading Out of Home media company. Specializing in digital and analogue posters at busy locations on the street, in train stations, in shopping centres and at points of interest, APG|SGA and its associated segment brands Airport, Mega Poster, Mountain and Traffic cover all areas of Out of Home advertising, representing quality and tradition combined with innovation. Over 550 employees ensure a lasting impression when communicating with their customers, the authorities and the advertising industry. They manage poster spaces and displays throughout Switzerland with great care, environmental responsibility and precision.

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