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Successful sales with APG|SGA's Out of Home targeting


By choosing the right locations and targeting the right groups, Bioforce AG achieved an outstanding sales and advertising impact with a striking poster campaign for Echinaforce®. Sales increased by 48% over the campaign period during the cold and flu season, with a considerable rise in market share too. This clearly demonstrates the strengths of APG|SGA's Out of Home targeting.

Conscious choice of target groups
Out of Home targeting, a service from APG|SGA, increases the relevance of the advertising message by placing posters at specific locations where supply and demand meet. For example, along key distribution channels where it is possible to precisely address specific product target groups with specially selected poster locations. Echinaforce® has made use of this tool to run a campaign that reached the intended target groups in the direct vicinity of pharmacies and drugstores. Just in time for the 2012-2013 flu epidemic, a total of 750 poster spaces with a combination of F12 and F200 formats were deployed.

Great sales result and increase in market share
As shown by the Bioforce sales statistics, sales of Echinaforce® at the start of 2013 were significantly higher than the comparable figure for the previous year (plus 48%). The sales volumes were also clearly above rival products aimed at stimulating the immune system against colds and flu. Finally, the success of the poster campaign was also reflected in the market share. Compared with the overall Swiss market for immunostimulants against colds and flu, at around 44%, Echinaforce® was significantly higher than the previous year's figures of 41.5% (2011) and 40.9% (2012).

High campaign awareness among the public
The impact of the Echinaforce® campagne was examined in the PPI Poster Performance Index study by APG|SGA. Around half of those asked could spontaneously remember the Echinaforce® posters (47%). Of these, more than half (53%) associated the brand correctly, and 59% liked or quite liked the poster. The Echinaforce® campaign thus achieved effectiveness scores above the PPI benchmark average for poster campaigns in the area of health/personal care. Due to the great success of the campaign, Bioforce AG has decided to use posters as its key medium in the future.

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Christof Hotz, Head of Market Research, APG|SGA
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