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Sony Switzerland and APG|SGA Mega Poster turn passersby into gamers!


For the last three days or so, passersby have been asking themselves what the blue tower in the main hall of Basel's station is all about. The countdown was running on a giant LED screen installed on a seven-metre-high tower, clad in blue. The installation aroused lots of curiosity. And what happened at the end of the countdown?

The big showdown took place on Thursday night: around 300 passersby and media representatives observed the final seconds of the countdown. And punctually at midnight, all the spotlights were turned on the promo tower; accompanied by special light effects and shrouded in fog, the covering was removed to reveal the biggest PlayStation 4 game station that Switzerland had ever seen.

New development: Acoustic Touchpoint
For the next five days, all passersby are invited to play the brand-new PlayStation 4 at Basel's main station. The game scene on the Sony televisions can be activated manually on the super-dimensional LED screen and can be watched by everyone in the main hall. APG|SGA Mega Poster also provided the appropriate sound: Thanks to the newly introduced «Acoustic Touchpoint», installed at the top of the tower, passersby playing the game hear the sound of the game in progress but only in the promotion area – passersby in the rest of the hall do not hear the sound. The furniture, shaped like controller buttons, was developed specially for this promotion and provides an ideal visual complement.

Contact information
Ernst Fuhrer, Head of APG|SGA Mega Poster
Giesshübelstrasse 4, CH-8045 Zurich, Switzerland, tel. +41 44 387 53 05,

Responsible at Sony Computer Entertainment: Sascha Komaromy (Marketing Manager Switzerland)
Responsible at APG|SGA Mega Poster, Paron AG: Ernst Fuhrer (Managing Director), Denise Hildbrand (Sales Advisory).
Responsible at richnerstutz ag: André Richner (Managing Director)

About the company
APG|SGA Mega Poster, Paron AG, is part of APG|SGA, Switzerland’s leading outdoor advertising company. It specializes in fixed and temporary MegaPoster advertising spaces. Together with its clients and business partners it draws up tailor-made concepts for outdoor advertising and turns unusual ideas into powerful ones.