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New: Rail ePanels in Zurich Stadelhofen


Book now the 2 Rail ePanels at the heavily-used S-Bahn (commuter rail) station Zurich Stadelhofen.

Stadelhofen is a heavily-used S-Bahn (commuter rail) station with a daily passers-by average of 140 000. The station has numerous retail outlets and the Opera House, universities, restaurants and cinemas are in the immediate vicinity - a perfect location to place your advertisement

Both Rail ePanels are situated in the passage, near the escalator to tracks 2 an 3.

  • Start: 17.03.2014
  • Smallest booking unit: 1 day (Daytime network)
  • Time of attendance: daily 05.00 to 01.00 o'clock (20 hours/day)
  • Times shown per day: 1 200
  • Advertising loop: 60 seconds
  • Permitted spot length: 10 to 60 seconds (animation or still images)
Factsheet Rail ePanel Stadelhofen