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The youngest have the best recall


962 poster campaigns studied in thirteen years. APG|SGA's market research shows an impressive set of results on its Poster Performance Index (PPI). The recently published "APG|SGA Market Research – Best Practice" documents the high advertising impact of posters.

The average figures for all 962 campaigns tested so far, across all target groups, are 45% for recall, 62% for brand recognition and 64% for appeal. These results are unique and impressive compared with other media. The highest figure by some margin (52% recall) is among the youngest test group of 15 to 29-year-olds. After thirteen years of poster research, one thing is clear: artwork appropriate to the medium increases the potential for success – by which we mean a striking poster design conveying a message that is readily understood by the viewer. And as the pressure of advertising increases, so too does recall of poster campaigns. These, and other facts about the PPI are documented and succinctly summarized in the recently published brochure which is part of the "APG|SGA Market Research – Best Practice" series.

PPI - a classic of advertising impact research
The Poster Performance Index PPI is a post test that has already become a classic. It measures the advertising effectiveness of posters according to the criteria of recall, brand recognition and appeal of campaigns. The areas surveyed are the urban agglomerations of Basel, Berne, Geneva, Lausanne and Zurich. As an exclusive component of the APG|SGA service offering, the PPI gives advertising clients an insight into how efficiently they are investing their money as well as the cost/benefit ratio of their poster campaigns. For customers, media and advertising agencies, who use it for benchmarking, it is an important controlling tool for communications.

Breaking new ground for Swiss outdoor advertising
In 1997, as part of its research programme, APG|SGA began testing the qualitative impact of its customers' poster campaigns - a first in Swiss outdoor advertising. The Poster Performance Index PPI evolved from those early, successful attempts and has been continually developed and refined. APG|SGA will continue to regularly test the impact of major poster campaigns in 2014. Eight survey waves are planned in the PPI programme.

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Christof Hotz, Head of Market Research
APG|SGA Giesshübelstrasse 4, 8027 Zurich, T +41 58 220 78 45,


About the company
APG|SGA Allgemeine Plakatgesellschaft AG is Switzerland’s leading outdoor advertising company. Specializing in digital and analogue posters at busy locations on the street, in train stations, in shopping centres and at points of interest, APG|SGA and its associated segment brands Airport, Mega Poster, Mountain and Traffic cover all areas of out-of-home advertising, representing quality and tradition combined with innovation. Over 650 employees ensure a lasting impression when communicating with their customers, the authorities and the advertising industry. They manage poster spaces and displays throughout Switzerland with great care, environmental responsibility and precision.