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Zurich Zoo and APG|SGA are jointly launching the first ever competition to use NFC on billboards


After a pregnancy of around 20 to 22 months, elephant Indi will shortly be giving birth to a baby. The people of Zurich now have the chance to guess exactly when this happy event will be. Since the beginning of the week, Zurich Zoo posters have been displayed at 150 or so locations around the city. The posters are asking people to take part in a competition to guess the exact date of birth, and a clue is being provided in a completely new way using NFC.

For the first time in Switzerland, APG|SGA is attaching NFC tags to billboards. If you hold a smartphone up against the marked spot, the relevant website containing input fields will open automatically. Alternatively, you can enter the competition via QR code, shortcut, the website or Facebook. The winners can expect some fantastic prizes. The first prize is a guided elephant tour for 20 friends including aperitifs, the second prize is the chance to sponsor one of the Java mousedeer that live in the elephant enclosure, and there are elephant books as additional prizes. The campaign was jointly developed by the Futurecom agency, Zurich Zoo and APG|SGA.

With this Swiss premiere involving NFC on billboards, APG|SGA is once again demonstrating its own innovative nature and that of the out-of-home medium. It is using this customerspecific implementation on 150 of its 4,400 billboards at waiting locations across Switzerland to demonstrate that out-of-home advertising and smartphones complement each other ideally. If consumers can see the genuine added value that these poster provide, they will be prepared to undertake similar transactions interactively on their smartphones (either by using shortcuts, QR codes or NFC). This opens up completely new opportunities for advertisers to reach their target groups seamlessly via multiple channels.

What is NFC?
Near Field Communication (NFC) is an international transmission standard for the contactless exchange of data over short distances. Mobile phones that support NFC are connected to each other or to a data storage device (known as an NFC tag) wirelessly when they are held next to each other.

Customer: Zoo Zürich, Markus Rege, Susanne Aebi
Agency: Futurecom, Daniel Bieri / Thomas Bosson / Diana Zberg (Kreation), Stefan Cramer (Text), Simone Imhof (Beratung)



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