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Virtual Campaign: experience the impact of poster campaigns on film


APG|SGA is using a new technique to visualize future poster campaigns before they are displayed. Using computer technology, it is possible to retroactively integrate logos, poster motifs or animations into film recordings of analogue and digital poster sites. This is amazingly realistic, as though the campaign had already been implemented by the advertiser.

For some years now, Hollywood has been using digital special effects in order to conjure up fantastic creatures or strange worlds to the cinema screen. State-of-the-art computer technology means this is more realistic today than was ever possible using analogue tricks. APG|SGA has recently introduced a similar method for new business activities and customer presentations: The Virtual Campaign is based on film recordings of APG|SGA's digital and analogue advertising spaces, which are edited to produce a product clip and then edited again digitally by our partner Herzbergmedia in Cologne. This results in product films showing realistic poster campaigns.

Unique in Switzerland
Herzbergmedia has many years' experience in film, good references and its own easy-to-use Internet portal developed in-house. Currently, nobody else offers a comparable portal in Switzerland.

Strong images trigger emotions
For APG|SGA, investing in this project has already paid off, as the Virtual Campaign has proven to be a useful sales tool and an emotional generic marketing resource for out-of-home media. The clips that are put together individually and flexibly by our/the employees at APG|SGA elicit strong emotions. This enables the customer to gain a realistic impression of a future campaign. Daniel Strobel, Head of Advertising Market and Segment Companies at APG|SGA: «With the Virtual Campaign, APG|SGA is offering its advertisers a unique opportunity to see their brands or advertising messages in an Out of Home media campaign before it is displayed.»



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