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APG|SGA continues to market and operate the advertising spaces in the urban ShopVille and is upgrading these exclusive locations with digital advertising media


The city of Zurich is to enter into new rental contracts with APG|SGA for commercial advertising spaces in ShopVille at Zurich's main station. Switzerland's leading out-of-home advertising company thus retains the exclusive right to manage and develop the existing analogue posters and now also digital posters in the heart of Zurich.

The city of Zurich chose APG|SGA as the best provider for the creation and marketing of advertising spaces. APG|SGA won out over its competitors and was granted the exclusive contract for advertising rights on the existing analogue posters and for the development and expansion of additional digital advertising spaces. In the initial phase, it plans to install a total of eight City ePanels (80-inch) and two City eBoards (7 m2). With its quotation, APG|SGA impressed with both its financial offer and its concept regarding the integration of digital screens into the existing upmarket environment of ShopVille. The digital panels and boards will be located in the best locations to attract passers-by, and are an ideal enhancement to the existing portfolio of digital products at Zurich main station. Plans for the second phase include further analogue and digital implementations at ShopVille, which is open all year and has around 180 shopping and food outlets.

Pioneering steps in digital advertising
«We are delighted to be entering into new rental contracts at the exclusive locations in ShopVille. APG|SGA best meets the city of Zurich's requirements with its position as an experienced provider of professional analogue and digital poster solutions», commented CEO Markus Ehrle. Beat Holenstein, Head of Partner and Product Management, adds: «The implementation of at least eight City ePanels and two City eBoards in a top location at the heart of Zurich is another milestone in digital out-of-home advertising. By precisely synchronizing all the ePanels, we can offer our customers a spectacular and unique advertising presence.» APG|SGA will now quickly start to implement the digital solutions, which are scheduled to come into operation in spring 2016.

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