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APG|SGA opens bookings for 2016 Out of Home Media range with innovations in the digital sphere and enhancements to tried-and-tested products


With the start of the new booking period on 5 October 2015 and the publication of the 2016 pocket planner, APG|SGA is introducing numerous innovations, expanded services and a broader range of high-quality analogue and digital advertising media.

2016 will be an exciting year for outdoor advertising as, in addition to lots of tried-and-tested products and services, APG|SGA will be offering advertisers a whole host of new developments and innovations in its product and service range:

Expansion of Shopping ePanels. The network range in shopping centres will be systematically expanded. As well as the existing Shopping ePanels in 12 shopping centres, new products will be added at Pilatusmarkt Kriens, the Rheinpark St. Margrethen shopping centre, Centre Manor Marin and Belair Centre Yverdon-les-Bains.

Digital products at a further 7 stations. The new range from 1 January 2016 will include a total of 43 Rail eBoards, 60 Rail ePanels and 12 Rail Beamers at 20 Swiss stations. The range is being expanded on a huge scale, with the installation of more Rail eBoards at Geneva Airport, Fribourg, Brig, Chur, Olten, Biel/Bienne and Aarau stations. The majority of the new Rail eBoards are located immediately adjacent to SBB's new digital general display boards and will reach a growing audience of commuters and travellers. Four additional Rail Beamers (12 square metres) will be put into operation at Zurich Löwenstrasse station, and two at Berne station.

City ePanels and City eBoards in the heart of Zurich. In the city centre ShopVille-Zurich main station, APG|SGA's customers have a total of 8 City ePanels (80-inch) at their disposal. Starting in the spring of 2016, two new City eBoards (7 square metres) will be installed. The City ePanels and City eBoards will be situated in the best locations to attract passers-by, and are an ideal enhancement to the existing portfolio of digital products at Zurich main station. ShopVille-Zurich main station is open all year round, with approximately 180 shopping and catering outlets.

More discounts. The discount system in the digital sphere has been harmonized. In addition to the annual revenue discount (JURA), digital campaigns in street, station, event and shopping locations will benefit from a digital sliding-scale campaign discount (KSR). For combined KSR campaigns involving analogue and digital products, the discount for digital KSR will be 10 percent higher.

Book your own posters. brings local and regional advertising messages closer to their target group. The planning and booking tool allows access to more than 60 000 poster sites – quickly, easily and around the clock. The «Credit card payment» option will be introduced in the first half of 2016.

Linking up with mobile devices. «Double Impact» is the smart way to link posters and advertising for mobile devices. The function now enables target group selection by age and gender in real time. «Double Impact» displays a MobileAd with an advertising message to smartphone users in the geo-localized environment.

Startower at new locations. At more than 20 carefully-chosen locations throughout Switzerland (13 of them in Zurich) the over 4.5 metre-tall, illuminated Startower F400LT attracts attention with its rotating motion.

All our products in your pocket. APG|SGA has put together everything you need to know about the start of the booking period for 2016 and the innovative Out of Home medium in the handy pocket planner. The comprehensive, printed planning tool also contains detailed information about analogue and digital ranges under the Airport, Mega Poster, Mountain, Rail and Traffic segment brands. The pocket planner can be downloaded as an ePaper in 4 languages.


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