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Attention and interaction guaranteed: APG|SGA launches WaitingZone – a new product for the Swiss market


APG|SGA is responding to increasing demand for poster spaces with longer attention spans and interaction opportunities with the launch of its new WaitingZone and WaitingZone Active products. On the basis of clearly defined criteria, the leading company on the Swiss Out of Home market has selected specific spaces in public transport waiting areas from its portfolio in the largest 28 cities. These enable advertisers to include additional content and interactive elements in their advertising messages.

APG|SGA is now offering advertisers the WaitingZone for an outstanding public transport advertising pres-ence throughout Switzerland. This provides scope for creativity on individual analogue and digital spaces within sight and in the direct vicinity of bus stops which can be booked individually. «For this improved service, APG|SGA has reviewed the existing waiting situations in detail, narrowed its criteria (e.g. length of stay or distance), and introduced a logical, standardized definition of the current 5,327 individual spaces in 28 Swiss cities with their suburbs», explains Beat Holenstein, Head of Partner and Product Management.

New spaces will be automatically examined, and if they meet these criteria they will be integrated on an on-going basis. There are two different groups: WaitingZone comprises 5,327 spaces in waiting areas without direct access and without interaction opportunities. These locations are suitable for informative advertising messages aimed at a mobile Out of Home target group. WaitingZone Active consists of 4,672 spaces in waiting areas with direct access and optional interaction. Depending on the booking, this offers additional content for the selected poster spaces to prolong campaigns. The interactive tools (NFC, QR code, Shortcut or Beacon) are incorporated once the order has been placed, offering customers maximum flexibility.

Interactivity is an important topic for the future, as it signifies a promising addition to the out-of-home adver-tising repertoire. The increasing prevalence of smartphones and tablets offers new opportunities for Out of Home media which APG|SGA is systematically opening up to its partners and advertising customers. They are also ideal for innovative OoH campaigns in waiting areas.


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