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APG|SGA creates Switzerland's first ever «Station FullBranding» for MAC Cosmetics with a surprising make-up promotion


In collaboration with media agency Optimum Media Direction Switzerland Ltd., APG|SGA has created the first «Station FullBranding» in Switzerland for MAC Cosmetics by Estée Lauder GmbH. The campaign uses all the bookable spaces at Zurich's Stadelhofen station for an eye-catching display, surprising the target group with a make-up promotion in a specially constructed glass cube that brings the «Art of the Lip» to life. This clearly demonstrates the creative possibilities offered by APG|SGA's analogue and digital out-of-home advertising formats and promotional spaces.

At the beginning of February 2016, you won't be able to miss the bright «Art of the Lip» posters for MAC Cosmetics at Zurich's Stadelhofen station. Estée Lauder GmbH's Canadian cosmetics brand is advertising the launch of its new MAC store at Bellevue in the heart of Zurich for one week exclusively on the station's 80 or so digital and analogue poster spaces. With their extremely striking design, 76 analogue posters and 14,000 screenings on the digital Rail ePanels and Rail eBoards will generate numerous long-term contact opportunities with the 85,000 or so commuters who use the station each day. From 4 to 6 February 2016, make-up fans can also immerse themselves in the «Art of the Lip» in a glass cube specially constructed for the campaign on the station forecourt. On request, they can also be accompanied to the MAC store, just 350 meters away, for a personal consultation.

Interdisciplinary collaboration enables integrated design process
The impressive, unmissable 360° out-of-home advertising was made possible thanks to a close partnership between the customer Estée Lauder GmbH, media agency Optimum Media Direction Switzerland Ltd. and APG|SGA's specialist internal and external service units. APG|SGA Mega Poster was responsible for the conceptual project work. The segment brand implemented Switzerland's first ever «Station FullBranding» for MAC Cosmetics. This plays exclusively and effectively with the full spectrum of out-of-home advertising and increases the level of attention through its element of surprise. The concentration of multiple posters in one location means that contacts are perceived more consciously, with the promotional activity bringing them to life. This not only raises the profile of the new MAC store, it also helps increase brand awareness.

With its innovative «Station FullBranding» APG|SGA is addressing a growing customer need and is already involving the newly established strategic business unit APG|SGA Promotion in the offering. No longer a vision of the future, 360° out-of-home concepts from a single source have now become reality.

APG|SGA Mega Poster, Denise Hildbrand, Project Manager
Giesshübelstrasse 4, 8045 Zurich, Switzerland, T +41 44 387 53 10,

APG|SGA Media Office
Giesshübelstrasse 4, 8045 Zurich, T +41 58 220 70 71,

Optimum Media Direction Switzerland Ltd., Helen Seligmann, Account Director
Leutschenbachstrasse 41, 8050 Zurich, Switzerland, T +41 388 13 10,

MAC Make-up Art Cosmetics, Ursula Häusler, Marketing/PR Manager Switzerland
Hardturmstrasse 11, 8031 Zurich, Switzerland, T +41 44 283 94 01,

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