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Don’t miss it: On 11th April 2016 the booking window opens for the second half of 2016


As of 11th April 2016, Out of Home campaigns can be booked for the second half of 2016. Don’t miss this date and secure the best analog and digital sites early.

News 2016-2

  • In the urban ShopVille shopping center at Zurich's main station, two new City eBoards (7m2) and eight City ePanels (80”) are now available. Together with the City ePanel installed at the «Zurich, Sternen-Oerlikon» public transport stop, the range of digital displays in the city of Zurich now includes 59 high-quality large-scale advertising media.
  • Eight additional F200LR panels and six F200L panels have been installed in the busy shopping area at the Lucerne station. The «Rail Rollingstar F200LR» network now consists of a total of twelve spaces. The «Rail ePanel light Lucerne» range is also being introduced, providing a cost-effective digital presence.

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