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APG|SGA receives the MediaTrend Award for the third time in succession, and is recognized as best media provider of 2016


A victory, the hat trick and the top mark: For the third time in a row Switzerland's leading out-of-home advertiser has been honoured with the MediaTrend Award and recognized as the best media provider of 2016. The company won the admiration of advertisers, the major advertising agencies and all media agencies in terms of overall impression, advisory and other services, and value for money. APG|SGA received the top mark of 8.08 among 62 media companies (including 42 media providers and 20 media marketers).

The trade journal MediaTrend Journal announced the 19th presentation of the MediaTrend Award for best media provider of 2016 on 30 June 2016. First place went to APG|SGA with a considerable lead. With an overall score of 8.08, the outdoor advertising company was the only candidate to achieve over 8.00, and thus received the best score of all 62 media companies surveyed.

The winner of the MediaTrend Award, presented as part of the advertising market study carried out by media research and consultancy company Media Research Group, needs to impress the Top750 group of advertisers, the largest advertising agencies and all media agencies in terms of service (order handling, cross-media range, advertising impact research), advisory capabilities (client advisors in back office and field), value for money (price level, cost per mille, quality of contact) and overall impression.

Markus Ehrle, CEO of APG|SGA, on successfully defending the title and taking first place: «We would like to thank our esteemed advertising clients and agency partners for the excellent rating, and also our 650 employees for their outstanding commitment. Being recognized in 2016 for the third time in succession, scoring a hat trick, is a true highlight for us. But it's no reason for us to rest on the laurels of the past three years. Quite the reverse: We'd like to keep the winning streak going and continue to delight our market partners with outstanding performance and services.»


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